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"Two One Yankee"
N8121Y is a 1966 Twin Comanche “B” model that was originally purchased by an automobile dealer in Tennessee who owned it for 23 years. For reasons that are not clear he did not fly it much and ended up selling it to me in 1989. I had owned a 1974 Cessna 182 for nine years and was looking for something a little faster and with the capability of instrument flight. The panel in the plane was largely original equipment and was somewhat antiquated by current standards. (See the section on the panel to learn what we did to convert to a model instrument panel.) While installing a one-piece aluminum panel with state-of-the-art avionics, it was elected to totally renovate the plane and the details of that are listed in the section on modifications. Although the paint and interior were in pristine condition, once we started flying in instrument conditions the 23-year-old paint started coming off the leading edges of the wings, etc. Likewise, the red leather upholstery was in great condition but the rubber padding beneath had hardened or broken down. The carpet still had the plastic protective sheeting on it from the factory but the carpet had rotted below. It was for these reasons we had the airplane painted in Ada, OK and had the total interior redone at Redbird Airport in Dallas. For insurance purposes we removed the 5th and 6th seats as well as the seat belt attachments.

The engines had good compression and good oil consumption and ran for 11 years before showing any signs of the years of disuse. In 2000 we had to do a "top overhaul" on both engines due to the exhaust valve stems showing signs of corrosion with increased valve guide tolerances. For the last 19 years we have flown “Two OneYankee” just about everywhere we could and it has given us great joy and taken us many, many wonderful miles.