Land Survival Gear Required by Canada and Alaska
10,000 cal food per person

cooking utensils

Matches and/or Bic lighter

Peak One stove and fuel


Axe and sheath

Swedish Saw

Snare Wire

Fishing gear and gill net

Mosquito headnets and repellant


2 Sleeping bags

Signal Mirror

Very pistol and flares

Swiss Army knife

Conspicuity panel

Shotgun and shells: slugs, birdshot, and larger shot

Non-required but strongly recommended:

flashlights and batteries


handheld radio

2 life preservers

rope and string

plastic survival cards, survival manual

water and water bags

First Aid kit- a good one with suture material

strobe light


water filter

2 lexan cups

snow saw (arctic only)

rubber bands for your sleeves

Over-water checklist:

Life Raft & Included Sea Survival Gear

In addition to the life raft we carry a zipper duffel bag

which is tied to the life raft with a piece of rope

Handheld Radio

ELT Radio or EPIRB

Handheld GPS

Life Vests, Strobes

Extra bottles of water

Extra AA batteries for radio

Immersion Suits (if going over frigid water)

Companies that deal in survival gear products: (click on links)

ACR Electronics- EPIRB's and strobe lights, etc

REI- camping products, water filters, freeze dried food, etc.

Survival Products- life rafts, survival kits, etc.

Exploration Products- everything for survival, snare wire, gill nets, etc