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The Panel

The panel was converted a few years ago by Ace Avionics at Redbird Airport in Dallas. We used plans found in the Comanche "TIPS" manual for the basic template and improvised from there. We salvaged a few original instruments, the King KT 76A transponder below the co-pilot's knee panel, a KNS-80 the previous owner had installed, and a KMA 20 Audio Panel. The center stack is mainly King except for a Northstar M2 GPS/Loran. There is a KX 155Nav-Com with KI 209 Glide Slope head and a KY 97A Com radio.The KR 87ADF has a KI 229 slaved compass card readout. To the left there is a KCS 55A HSI, an S-Tec 60-2 autopilot with altitude pre-select, a Strikefinder, and a PS Engineering intercom for front and rear seats. To the left of the turn and bank is a Davtron 5 function readout, a Davtron digital DVOR-ID readout, and an AstroTec digital clock/timer. There is an Alcor dual EGT gauge next to the tach. For shear simplicity and cost it is hard to beat the $20 Westbend timer on the yoke which isn't officially affixed to the plane. It is stuck on with some "sticky putty". There are dual avionics master switches just above the flaps switch. We took out the original two tachs and replaced them with a dual tachometer and a Hobbs meter. Although not shown in this picture we have a test/reset panel for the Ameri-King ELT and we have recently replaced the landing gear indicator lights with more modern push-to-test lights. We also installed PTT on both yokes, an electric trim switch and autopilot disconnect switch on the pilot's yoke, a panel jack for a handheld radio (to allow it to use the aircraft's antenna), headphone jacks for all four seats, and an avionics cooling fan. Since this photo was taken, we have added duel red push-to-test lights warning of the starters engaged and dual amber lights indicating the auxilliary fuel pumps are on. Eventually we plan to add load meters for the alternators. (Photo by Jay Miller)